Where you can do yoga with goats


A lot of people do yoga to relax. Now you can do yoga and relax with goats and other animals.

It's new this summer at the Haven at Skanda. It's an animal sanctuary in Cazenovia. The sanctuary got started rescuing ponies.

"We're all volunteer, Ellen Beckerman said. "All non-profit."

Goat Yoga will run Saturday, August 11th and Saturday, August 25th. Organizers are hoping it will extend into September.

"When we take care of the rescued animals sometimes they've been traumatized in the past so we created an environment here that is very relaxing and supportive," Beckerman said. "We don't want any animals stressed."

The Saturday yoga sessions will feature Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes. Those attending will be surrounded by goats, ducks, donkeys and other rescued animals on the sanctuary. The cost is $20 per class and the money goes to support rescued and endangered animals on the sanctuary.

"We hear all the time when people drive up the driveway they take a take a deep breath and feel that relaxing atmosphere," Beckerman said.

For more information visit the sanctuary's website:

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