You Paid For It: Printed Law Books in Albany

You Paid For It: Printed Law Books in Albany

In a time of online documents and email, the need for printed law books is low, most lawmakers in Albany say.

But that hasn't stopped a costly practice at the capitol; despite having copies of law books available in both physical and digital form inside the State Museum Building just across the street from the capitol, the state prints out numerous copies of the law books for members of the Assembly.

That comes with a cost; more than $500,000 is spent on the law books each year, according to Assembly records, and despite assurances that practice would stop in 2017, the state is on pace to spend roughly the same amount of money this year.

Records show the Assembly often buys 70 copies of the same book, even though we couldn’t find an Assembly member who said the books were needed.

"No. Everything I've always done is online," Assemblyman John McDonald said when asked if he'd ever used the law books.

Tuesday on the NBC3 News at 11, we'll explore whether the costly, and seemingly wasteful, practice will come to an end anytime soon.

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