Your tax questions answered, on The Answer Desk

What our financial planners say about taxes, on Monday's Answer Desk

Monday night's Answer Desk answered your money questions, and almost all of them were income tax concerns.

Here's a synopsis of our Certified Financial Planners' advice:

From Dennis Hebert, Blue Ocean Strategic Capital:
Don't worry about the tax changes for 2018 until after 2017 taxes are filed on April 17. IRS will start putting out guidelines after the filing date, and we should also have a better idea of what New York will do with its taxation policy.

From Grace Ghezzi, Grace Ghezzi Consulting:
April 17th is also the final filing deadline for 2014 returns. If you are owed money, you can file without penalty. If you miss the April 17th deadline, the money you are owed will go to the federal government (NY has the largest amount of the $1.1 billion in unclaimed refunds from 2014.)

From Sue Hansen, Hansens Advisory Services:
Here's the formula for figuring if your social security is taxable: add 1/2 of your earnings from Social Security to all your other income.
If you are filing single and the total is under $25,000, you don't need to file taxes. If you are married and filing jointly, you are not taxed if it's under $32,000.

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