Your Town: How some Oneida manufacturers still operate, even while others have closed

ONEIDA, N.Y. -- There's always something moving or mixing at All Seasonings in Oneida. Like the name suggests it manufactures anything from pepper to paprika. While the spices are sure to satisfy, perhaps the best part of this business is its growth. Since it moved to Oneida from sylvan beach back in 2005, All Seasonings has grown from a dozen employees to 60, creating stable jobs for people around town.

"I think it gave us a little more of a presence, like I said we got a nice traffic flow through the area and the population here is a nice fit for establishing long term employees," says President of All Seasonings Brendan Farnach.

Down the road is Oneida Molded Plastics. The list of items this long time manufacturer puts together seems endless. Watching just a few of its 220 employees work on Remington guns gives a rare look at what this plant can accomplish.

"In a way we look at it as easy and it makes sense to use, but a lot of people wouldn't be able to do what we do," says COO Steve Thalmann.

At a time when other local businesses such as Oneida Limited and Smith Lee have closed, Oneida Molded Plastics is still at it. About five years ago the idea of moving out of the area and merging with their plant in North Carolina was brought up. However, they ended up staying in Oneida and brought the work from that plant up here.

"Primarily because of the work ethic here and the readily available labor force, because as everyone else left there was an abundant supply for us," says President Joe Kiah.

Both companies say there's just something about Oneida that keeps them in your town.

"Being able to grow a business of this size in the area has been a personal joy of success that we've had and being able to keep it local is important," says Farnach.

"The employees here are extremely loyal and hardworking," says Kiah.

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