A good spot for a celebratory visit to the White House: Matt's Memo

President Trump celebrates Tax Reform bill with Rep. Claudia Tenney a short distance away. (Photo: Washington Examiner)

We had a good test of the volatility of Washington politics this week with the partisan passing of the Tax Reform Bill in both the Senate and House. Rep. Claudia Tenney of New York's 22nd Congressional District voted yes for tax reform.

Earlier this month she explained why she backed the effort even when other New York State members were voting no. "Tax reform will grow our economy, bring jobs that went overseas back to America," Tenney wrote on Twitter. "While providing real relief for hardworking middle-income families, small businesses and family farms across Upstate."

Rep. Tenney was one of the dozens of Republican members of the House and Senate who boarded a bus from Capitol Hill to celebrate with the President at the White House. Rep. Tenney has had personal conversations with the President in the past during public events. It seemed likely she would have a reasonably good position in this photo opportunity.

She is not in a leadership position in Congress. Those who are were closest to the center, but Rep. Tenney was not too far away. I found a photo captured by the Washington Examiner that showed her spot. I tweeted it out without comment about what her position meant. The Congresswoman retweeted my post of the picture. The Twittersphere then took off with plenty of discussion and criticism of Rep. Tenney and her vote.

Topping the list on Twitter was a tweet from Anthony Brindisi. He's the Democratic New York Assemblyman who is running against Tenney next year. He compared this picture to a similar moment when the President prematurely celebrated the passing of a repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Other critics began to chime in with their own opinions. One common theme among opponents, the threat to vote Rep. Tenney out of office next fall, in part, because of her vote on Tax Reform.

This Twitter backlash to the Congresswoman's vote on Tax Reform could be a preview of the difficult mid-term Election ahead for many Republican members of Congress. They will be working to convince voters about the longterm benefit of the Tax legislation. On the other side, if the economy is humming, jobs are growing and income is rising: Democrats could have their own challenge to win seats back in Congress.

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