Canal Landing is jumping off point: Matt's Memo

Limestone Creek flows under bridge connecting Canal Landing Park to Erie Canal trail along old Fayetteville feeder.

The water of Limestone Creek rushes under the newly constructed span placed on the footings of a dam that dates back to 1916. That century old stone remnant is youthful compared to some remaining elements of the Fayetteville feeder from the old Erie Canal that reach just short of two centuries into the past.

This combination of new, old and outdoor recreation trail have created a connection that extends miles of canal trail into the village of Fayetteville much the way the canal once connected this community to the rest of the world. The entry point to reach the trail is the two year old Canal Landing Park.

Federal environmental funds helped pay for the reclamation of a formerly contaminated industrial site. Now there's a stone structure that houses rest rooms. There's a playground and an equipped fitness trail.

A year ago I ran into the park and was stopped short by the creek and the wild woods. There was no way to cross over to the wide open Erie Canal side. That new foot bridge has opened new worlds. It has inspired me to consider new routes for running that formerly were not possible.

Canal Landing is easy to find sandwiched right between Freedom of Espresso coffee shop and Pascale's restaurant. Enjoy.

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