Careful of broad strokes when a school has trouble: Matt's Memo

Corcoran High, Syracuse, NY.

Our lead story on the 5:00 pm news tonight: a 17 year old student stabs a substitute teacher who was trying to break up a fight in the hallway at Corcoran High. Our lead story on the 11:00 pm news tonight: the conductor of the talented concert band reminds us of the good that rises above the bad at Corcoran High. Same school different view.

The violence deservedly gets that attention, but the public should be careful not to indict the entire school community when there are elements worthy of celebration. Corcoran High is leading the way in the lifting of the once meager graduation rate in the Syracuse City Schools. Its rate has risen to 64% beating the district wide average.

Did you know an academic team from Corcoran just finished in the top 10% in the world at the VEX Robotics World Championships? When the Corcoran Class of 2017 walks the stage in their maroon robes in June many will carry remarkable stories of success.

The act of violence turned our attention to Corcoran and the Syracuse City Schools. Our greater community should make a point of noticing the same schools when challenges are met and achievement comes.

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