Century old Syracuse scrap metal business, Roth Steel, closing

After more than a century in business Syracuse scrap metal company Roth Steel is closing its doors. The long standing company told scrap metal trade journal American Metal Markets that it would no longer buy scrap metal after today.

A sign hanging at the scrap yard said it was closed for business. AMM reported several of the company's wheel loaders were removed earlier this week and 25 employees were affected by the closure.

CNYcentral's Jim Kenyon went to the facility on Hiawatha Boulevard Thursday afternoon and spoke to several workers there. The employees expressed anger over the way the facility had been managed over the past several years and said they were only told Thursday afternoon about the closure.

Roth operates a few hundreds yards from the Onondaga Lake shoreline and in the shadow of Destiny USA.

The company has been an institution in the scrap metal business and has long been equipped with an auto shredder.

CNYcentral contacted the company and was told by a receptionist that she would contact management to return our call.

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