Child dies, uncle accused of arson and murder in Fitch Street fire: Matt's Memo

    Korrina DuBois and her one year old son Hunter. <p>{/p}<p>{/p}<p>{/p}<p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    In the dark of night a family on Fitch Street lay sleeping. A mother, two older teenage children and a one year old grand child. They likely had no idea another family member entered the home and set two fires. Police say it was the older brother Charles DuBois. The charge of arson and murder he faces include an allegation that he knew very well the family was sleeping inside when he set the fires, let them burn and left the house.

    The stellar performance of Syracuse Fire Department gave those family members a chance to live, even if it was slim. Listening to the dispatch radio transmissions you can hear the intensity of the persistent attempts to save lives. This is a fire department who arrives on calls in less than two minutes. They typically have fires out very quickly. This one had a head start. This time the rescuers kept searching and battling for nearly a half hour before being able to remove all of the victims from the home.

    We do not know much about the accused just yet. He attended Fowler High School in the Syracuse City Schools. It is difficult to imagine why he would commit such an act against his own family. Why would anyone do that?

    The first to die in the wake of this fire was the boy who just turned one. Neighbors tells us the others looked lifeless as firefighters pulled them from the home. They are in the Upstate Hospital burn unit. That's a place that gives people as good of a chance as any to make it through the worst.

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