Entrepreneurial Spirit of Shamrock Animal Fund: Matt's Memo

The Emerald City Pipe Band returns Saturday to Shamrock's Celebration.

The din of conversation among old and new friends will rise above the level of the sounds of jazz as the aroma of corned beef, roast turkey and mashed pototoes fill the room. A giant screen will share the story of the Shamrock Animal Fund while guests browse an array of silent auction items. Two Central New York veterinarians will be honored for their commitment to affordable care in our community. Both money and awareness will be raised. It will be the 3rd Annual Shamrock's Celebration to benefit the Shamrock Animal Fund.

The evening is the culmination of an extensive volunteer effort to bring all the pieces of event production together. There is an entertaining video that's sure to warm some hearts. There is decoration of the King+King space. There is record keeping, silent auction soliciation, promotion, marketing, television, radio, social media and newspaper. There are news releases. There are invitations and letters. There is selection of honorees and special dedication. There is insurance and permits and caterers and deliveries. The list is nearly endless of all that needs to be done to bring together 300 people to raise enough funding to benefit animal owners who need assistance.

That's all just for the fundraiser. That effort does not include the business of connecting with pet owners in need. That does not include the importance of records and board meetings and government reports and the responsibility that comes with being a not-for-profit 501c3 corporation. There is an entrepreneurial spirit required when you start with an idea and plow straight into execution. That's true even when it is a volunteer effort.

I talked today with one of our supporters who suggested we consider adding a golf tournament in the future. He asked how heavily involved I was with the Shamrock Animal Fund. I had to chuckle a bit as I explained how my wife Jamie and I started it and execute most of what keeps it going. Of course, we appreciate every ounce of effort volunteers offer and every penny donors give.

Two years and three months since conception the question raised an exciting prospect that people are seeing the Fund beyond the two people who got it started. I discovered this week we are one of only seven or eight animal helping agencies in New York State that are mentioned by the national Humane Society as resources to benefit owners of animals.

We're proud of these accomplishments and hope to take a moment Saturday night to enjoy our friends who have helped make it happen.

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