Happy 87th Birthday Dad: Matt's Memo

mulcahy lemoyne college yearbook photo.png

I asked my Dad today what was his secret to reaching a fairly advanced birthday. He said, "I don't know, I just woke up this morning and I was 87." It just happened. And he's glad that it did.

John Mulcahy has lived most of his life in the Syracuse area. The Mulcahy's go back a long way on Syracuse's north side. I flipped through some old records this evening that showed Dad's great-grandmother's obituary in 1908. She died at the age of 80, living 60 years in Syracuse after being fleeing Ireland during the great potato famine. The 1930 census shows Dad's grandfather William as a Syracuse Policeman.

Back to Dad, he was born on January 26th, 1931. He grew up primarily living with his German grandparents on Syracuse's northside. Assumption School. CBA went it was on Willow Street, time in the Army, a college degree from LeMoyne College in its earliest years in the Heights. That's his college graduation photo from LeMoyne in 1956.

He worked in a bank downtown. Met his lovely bride Theresa who would become the mother of John, Tim and Matt. I remember being in the car in the late 1960's dropping Dad off at work at Aetna Insurance on James Street. The side street was paved with brick. That building is now vacant and in disrepair. Hey, a few things change over a lifetime that spans nearly nine decades.

We all grew up in Liverpool, Bayberry, Irongate. Mom and Dad still live there. I'm so glad they are doing so well. I really think Dad's secret to staying young has been staying active and not worrying about much.

Happy Birthday, Dad! And many more. Love, Matt

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