Lake Placid inspires Olympic hopes: Matt's Memo

Matt Mulcahy and Megan Coleman in Lake Placid. (CNYCentral)

Just before dawn the first light began creeping over Whiteface Mountain and the other Adirondacks that stand watch over Mirror Lake and the community of Lake Placid. The stars still filled the sky at the start of a crisp morning that was as pretty as you will ever see in mid-January. Just inside our lodge for the week, our NBC 3 team broadcast live in front of the indoor fireplace. Then we were off and running to a day of covering the sports of skeleton and biathalon.

You can't help but buy into the Olympic spirit in the Lake Placid region. We shuttled near the top of Mount Van Hoevenburg to watch the start of the skeleton training session on the combined bobsled, skeleton and luge track. The view stretched for miles including across the valley to Whiteface.

Back down the mountain were visited the cross country center. Co-anchor Megan Coleman and I strapped on shoes and skis and went on the move. We got some specific instructions about being a biathalon participant. We both lined up the .22 caliber rifle and knocked down down range targets before returning to the skis.

We then grabbed a quick bite at the Big Mountain deli on Main Street, Lake Placid. That's where they have 46 sandwich varieties one for each of the Adirondack peaks. I had the Mt. Marcy. Since it's the tallest.

Next stop, back out of town to Whiteface Mountain. Our promotions team met us there. We all went up 3,667 feet via the gondola. The weather was perfect. Snowboarders and skiers were in great spirits. Our time was too short at the top for pressing deadlines loomed to prepare for our live broadcast back in town. After that was done, we did live shots for stations across the country who are also getting excited for the Winter Olympics.

What a day in Lake Placid. Can't wait for the games to begin on February 9th.

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