Saving Shelby, the pet who needed a pacemaker: Matt's Memo

Shelby gets prepared for surgery at Cornell University. (Matt Mulcahy)

The steady beep of the heart monitor kept time in the surgical suite packed with people playing a role in the procedure that just might save the life of a dog named Shelby. We were in an operating room equipped with imaging equipment at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine. I was there observing, taking pictures and reporting her story. It is one of love, community and people helping pets.

It is one of the highlights of reporting when we get to take our viewers into places they don't normally get to visit themselves. This is one of those places. If you are a pet owner you know what I mean. You take your dog or cat to the vet. They need something done. A technician or veterinary takes the pet to the back room behind the closed doors. You come back later in the day and they're all set. That's where we went inside the Cornell Veterinary College. Into the rooms the pet owners usually don't see.

You can see Shelby's whole story on NBC 3 News at 6:00 pm this Tuesday and Wednesday so I won't tell it all here. I will tell you how impressed I am with the expert veterinary care she received at Cornell. A team of cardiologists, anesthesiologists and other students and technicians treated Shelby with great care as they implanted a pacemaker.

Then there's the work of the Shamrock Animal Fund and the Cornell Veterinary College Patient Assistance Fund that helped make the procedure financially possible for Shelby's 17 year old owner Kasey McDonough. A remarkable team effort.

Tune in to watch Saving Shelby this week. It's a heart warming tale that will take you into the back room where incredible skill is utilized each day.

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