"So he could have his story told." Why Santa Fe gunman spared friends: Matt's Memo

Santa Fe court document

The 17 year old admitted to Santa Fe police that he shot multiple people inside the Santa Fe High School with the intent to kill them. That's what the initial court filing spells out in the first proceeding against Dimitrios Pagourtzis Jr. He told the police Captain he dressed in a trench coat and had a Remington shotgun and .38 caliber pistol.

He explained more more element to Captain Phillip Meadows that the shooter thought was important. The court complaint stated, "he did not shoot students he did like so he could have his story told." The shooter wanted his story told, so he spared the students he liked. When did shooting people in school become the way to get your story told?

What happened to students searching for positive ways to make the mark in life? What happened to working for good grades? Or finding your talent or excelling in athletics or being creative or treating others with kindness. Those are all ways to have your story told and shared fondly. None of them include violence or being yet another copy cat of the Columbine school shooters.

There is some irony in teens living in their isolated world perceiving an exit from isolation by mimicking what too many troubled teens have done before them. There is no longer a unique mark to make by shooting your classmates. The shooters are just one of many. Sparing the people you like does not give your story a better ending.

It is simplistic to say this is just another school shooting. That may be true for the nation looking toward Texas, but it certainly is not the case for anyone who lives near Santa Fe. Especially not the families torn apart, the students shaking in fear and the community that will light candles and bury children for the next two weeks. This is their school shooting. It is their world turned on end. This is a story they get to write. Not the shooter who mistakenly thought the story was his.

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