Summer vacation: familiar or adventure? Matt's Memo

Race Point Light Cape Cod (Photo by Matt Mulcahy)

The waves of the Atlantic softly crashed into the sandy shore. Looking back to the east I could see the grassy dunes and seemingly endless beach. Looking to the west the ebbing tide revealed a cool pond that would only last until the tide returned the sea. Terns and plovers danced along with other shorebirds.

A glance into the ocean just twenty yards off shore, a herd of seals fished the line where the depth quickly drops. They poke their noses up for air and then dive back into their work. Up and down. Swimming against the current to progress to a more robust location. Their mass of blubber, flippers and fur glide gracefully. They are a sight as is all of what is there to experience on the Cape Cod National Seashore.

We walked more than an hour in one direction out of the National Park at Race Point in Provincetown. In fact, traveling in one direction we walked so far to reach Race Point Light we nearly connected with the Herring Cove section of the seashore. We could have kept walking another mile or two, but the problem with walking 90 minutes one way... you have to walk 90 minutes to get back.

For our summer vacations the Cape Cod National Seashore never disappoints. It is natural beauty. It is familiar. After 25 years it is like returning home.

As I look back at this year's stay it makes we wonder what is your home away from home for a vacation? The beach? The mountains? The lake? Do you stay in a motel, rent a house or own your own? Maybe you enjoy a campsite. Let me know about your best experiences.

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