The Olympics create instant interest: Matt's Memo

Matt Mulcahy on NBC 3 Weather Deck

The trumpets have sounded. The Olympic competition has begun. Now here comes the pageantry of welcoming the world to Pyeongchang, South Korea for the Friday evening Opening Ceremonies.

As soon as the team figure skating competition started I found myself cheering for the jumps and groaning with the falls. The 14 hour time difference made tonight's opening night feel like a bit of a warm up to the real competition. NBC filled an evening of prime time building up to the first weekend of Olympic programming.

I always wonder who will the new stars be? Nathan Chen, took a few tumbles in figure skating tonight. If he rallies in next week's individual competition he will blow up big. As the Games begin names like Shawn White continue to get attention as the stars of the past. Erin Hamlin is also popular after being named the flag bearer for Team USA. But, who are the athletes we don't know yet?

After spending some time in New York's Olympic home, Lake Placid last month I'm feeling a stronger connection to this year's Winter Games than in the past. Here's the top five competitions I will be watching: figure skating, medal round of hockey, downhill skiing, luge/skeleton and speed skating.

What are your favorites? Enjoy the Olympics.

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