Who bets against Tom Brady? Matt's Memo

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum, File). FILE - In this Jan. 18, 2015, file photo, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady looks to pass during the first half of the NFL football AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts in Foxborough, Mass.

Why would anyone bet against Tom Brady? He's a winner. If it wasn't for the New York Giants he would be undefeated in the Super Bowl with seven victories. He still has a record of 5 and 2. By Sunday night he will most likely have a sixth Super Bowl ring and another MVP.

I know there are plenty of Philadelphia Eagles fans in our backyard. Philly transplants to Central New York and fans of former SU quarterback Donovan McNabb push the Eagles into the top five or six teams appreciated in our region. It's great they made the big game.

The radio row experts in Minneapolis are already finding reasons to pick the Eagles or say it is going to be a close game. They talk about the Eagles vaunted defense. They say all you have to do is pressure Tom Brady.

Pressure Tom Brady? The more pressure, the more focused he gets. He's the guy you want flying the plane that is headed for disaster. He's the General you want leading the charge when all hope appears lost for the battle. Tom Brady thrives on pressure. That's why is has a vault for rings and trophies.

I have attended several Patriots games with my college buddies who have season tickets. I tend to root for them although I can't match the passion of native New Englanders. More importantly I respect their winning ways and the leader who wears number 12.

Bet against Tom Brady? No way. The Patriots will win this one. I see the score in the range of 28-21. Enjoy the game. We'll see you on the news after the celebrations.

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