INSPIRE: 4-year-old superhero uses his allowance to feed the homeless


"Hey guys, today I am going to spread love in the nation's capital, D.C."

When his dad told him what it meant to be homeless, 4-year-old Austin Perine put on the cape to go out and help.

Using his allowance, Austin, the young cousin of Redskins running back Samaje Perine, goes out to help feed homeless people.

Austin recently visited D.C. where he continued his mission of helping the homeless – an effort he first began in his native Alabama.

But Austin, who also goes by the superhero name "President Austin," isn't just stopping there. With the help of his father Terance, he has set up a PayPal account "to go global with feeding the homeless."

President Austin's good deeds aren't going unnoticed, either. On Tuesday, he was honored with the key to the city in Mobile, Alabama.

President Austin and Terance recently sat down with ABC7's Michelle Marsh in studio to discuss his humanitarian efforts. You can watch their interview in the video player above.

For more on Austin, you can find him on Twitter (@PresidentPerine), Facebook (@presidentperine) and YouTube (Terance Perine).

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