Mobile woman claims she was kidnapped, raped after using 'Whisper' app

(image: Whisper app)

Mobile police are investigating after they say a male suspect used the “Whisper” app to kidnap and rape a woman Friday night.

Authorities were called out to Stone Hedge Drive for a report of a rape around 8 p.m. Friday, September 8. When officers arrived, the 23-year-old victim told them that she had been kidnapped, raped, and sodomized.

She said she thought she was talking to a female on the “Whisper” app when it happened. The victim invited the person to her home and when she approached the vehicle at the driveway, there was an unknown man inside. She said the man pulled a gun on her and forced her into the car.

He later drove her to a vacant house on Hitt Road where she said he raped and sodomized her.

“Whisper” is an app that allows people to message and make posts anonymously.

Authorities have warned about other apps including Kik and Marco Polo, which allow users to share their locations anonymously. These apps have been described as social media sites for online predators.

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