Neighbors File Lawsuit To Have A Child With Autism Declared A Public Nuisance


SUNNYVALE (KPIX/CBS) -- Neighbors in California have filed a lawsuit to have child with autism declared a public nuisance.

CBS affiliate KPIX reports, Robert Flowers says it was their last resort. He says he filed the lawsuit, not to discriminate against the disabled, but in an effort to protect his children and others who had been attacked by the boy.

The lawsuit describes his former next door neighbor's 11-year-old autistic son as a "public nuisance."

"A neighbor boy who has continually attacked small children, including our own, culminating in a brutal and vicious attack on my son's fourth birthday," Flowers told KPIX.

Advocates for people with autism said the lawsuit is mean-spirited and misguided.

The families suing say this doesn't have to do with the boy's disability, this has to do with the damages for past abuse and assurance that the boy will be "better supervised."

The family that is the target of this lawsuit has since moved out of the area.

A judge is expected to hear the case next week.

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