New York pediatric office sends unique message about vaccinations

A physician at Legacy Pediatrics came up with the idea to spread a message on t-shirts that read, Vaccines Cause Adults. (photo: Legacy Pediatrics)

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) – A recent outbreak of the measles in New York has some local physicians looking for unique ways to get the message out about vaccines.

UR Medicine and pediatricians recently made a video to get the message out. Now, one pediatric office is taking another approach.

Legacy Pediatrics PA Kate Shand said the idea came to her from a meme - the often, generally lighthearted images - and she turned into a T-shirt.

Shand said she posted a picture of her colleagues wearing the shirt on Facebook and it gained some traction. She said it reached 17,000 people in just a few days and received positive messages.

“The anti-vaccine movement has such a voice that the pro-vaccine movement needs to,” said Shand.

The message that reads on the t-shirts is simple: Vaccines Cause Adults.

“It’s kind of a play on vaccines cause autism, which they do not. They cause adults,” Shand said. “Healthy kids get vaccinated and grow into adulthood and be healthy adults.”

The shirts were printed by Crazy Dog T-Shirts in Rochester for free. Owner Bill Kingston said the store has already filled a couple dozen orders for the shirts.

“The whole staff wore the shirts and they were incredibly popular,” Kingston said. She called me and told me everyone wants these t-shirts. They’re great. We put our heads together and thought maybe this can be a voice for the people on the vaccination side.”

Dr. Janet Casey, a pediatrician at Legacy Pediatrics said it's a bold statement that needs to be taken seriously.

“Kids are getting sick from vaccine-preventable illnesses, which shouldn't happen in 2019,” Dr. Casey said. One of the things that’s so important for pediatricians and other healthcare givers, is to get out there and make it as loud a message as possible that vaccines save lives.”

Legacy Pediatrics plans on selling the t-shirts at the office. They said they will be donating all proceeds to a charity to help poor countries gain access to vaccines.

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