Quick-thinking fishermen revive dying toddler

Quick-thinking fishermen revive dying toddler/CNN

TURKEY -- Baby Mohammed Hasan's journey to Turkey is a harrowing story, the story of his survival is miraculous.

Just days ago, fishermen off Turkey's coast spotted the 18-month-old and other people floating in life jackets in the Aegean Sea.

Video of the rescue shows the fishermen rushing to pull the baby's body from the cold water, frantically trying to clear the water from his lungs.

The boy was barely responsive, but alive.

Fearing hypothermia, the fisherman proceeded to remove the child's wet clothes and wrap him in a warm blanket.

The fishermen were able to pull 15 refugees from the water, including Baby Mohammed and his mother. They were among 30 refugees aboard a small boat heaed for Greece -- A boat they hoped would take them to a better life, but capsized before reaching shore.

More than 500,000 people have arrived by sea in Greece this year, mostly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Thousands have died, but Mohammed and his family were lucky to have made it to solid ground.

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