Stuffed tiger on SUV prompts 9-1-1 call

A Washington state teenager gave his neighbors a shock on Monday. He was driving around with a stuffed toy tiger on his car, but some people could not tell it was not real.

Connor Zuvich just could not pass up on a free tiger. He was hanging out with some friends at Lacamas Lake when he says some guys pulled up, dumped a few trash bags, along with the giant stuffed animal.

"One of my friends was like 'Hey! You forgot your tiger' and they like kind of ignored us and then I was like can I have it? And they were like yeah, take it," Zuvich said.

They tied it to the roof of Zuvich's SUV and cruised around the lake and soon saw police lights.

"Before long I had a police cruiser coming up behind me, flipped on his lights. I already knew why, right?" he said.

Zuvich says most drivers just honked or gave him a thumbs up, but one of them thought it was real and called 9-1-1.

Even the cop may have been a little nervous at first.

"He came up kind of cautious and was like it's not real and I was like no its not real and he started laughing," he said.

Zuvich did not get in any trouble. He went home with a story to tell and a brand new ornament for his car.

"Well, it's probably going to stay there until the HOA tells me I can't have a tiger on my vehicle in the neighborhood or my parents get fed up with it, we'll see which one happens first," he said.

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