Watch: Homecoming surprise for veteran's daughters

Homecoming surprise for veteran's daughters - Courtesy NBC

NBC -- The pledge of allegiance turned into the pledge of love for two Texas middle schoolers when they received a patriotic surprise.

The pledge started as it always does on a Friday morning at Baines Middle School, broadcast on the schools television station. That changed when a special guest popped up on the screen and changed everything.

Army Sergeant David Blalock, home from a year-long deployment to Afghanistan, appeared on the screen giving the pledge. In the school's library, his daughters Caitlin and Cameron were overjoyed.

"It was really hard, but at the end, somewhere in the middle of it I just said, 'it doesn't help to cry because there's no reason to because it's not going to do anything. He's going to come home anyways," said Cameron Blalock, Sergeant Blalock's daughter.

Sergeant Blalock will be home for a while, and the family is having a big celebration this weekend.

"It's very surreal and yet I'm just completed elated. I can't express it enough still. (It's) overwhelming. No words to describe it really," said Sergeant Blalock.

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