Afraid your memory is slipping? Here's some help.

You can jog your memory by handling something that will remind you of the past.. There are other ways to 'remember the good times.'

A major concern as people age is forgetfulness. Not only forgetting where the glasses or car keys are, but also forgetting precious memories.

PACE CNY at Loretto has 'memory kits' which Orion Roeder, Director of Therapeutic Recreation says can jog long-term memories: If you cannot keep a pet, there are 'animated' dogs and cats which move and bark or meow, and can remind you of good times in the past with a real pet. Baby dolls can remind parents, or caregivers, of children. Roeder says he's seen people l'light up' with emotion as they handle the dolls. Other memory joggers include aromatherapy with especially pleasing scents (like cookies or a special flower) and physically gardening.

For more, click the Loretto website and search 'memory'

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