Blue Ribbon: Bunnies at the Fair

Angora rabbits are 'recognized' for show when they're white, grey or brown...but there are 'black' rabbits at the NY State Fair (the face color is the indicator, fur will darken with age). Angora breeders are working to get black as a recognized color. Read more about these guys!

There are 49 recognized rabbit breeds, and Angoras are among the biggest and fluffiest.

They are bred for their fur, which is either plucked or sheared off twice a year. and then spun into angora wool. It's a process that does not hurt the animal. and on a hot day like the Fair has seen this week, is probably welcome!

Hobbyists spin the long fibers into super-soft angora yarn (one exhibitor told us she does it while watching took her about 3 years to perfect the technique of getting uniform thread!), and that yarn can be knitted or woven.

Angoras can also be pets, and like all bunnies they can be litter-trained, but if they run free in a home, you have to tie up cords and wires because the rabbits see them as twigs and will chew through them.

As we did the story, we also met a rabbit judge who says Americans travel round the world to encourage the world-wide hobby of rabbit raising.

You can see the State Fair entries in the Poultry Barn until Labor Day.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday there's also a rabbit hopping contest, daily at 2pm.

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