Breast Cancer prevention: No Excuses!

We answer your questions about Breast Cancer on the Answer Desk.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and there's a push on to make sure that women get mammograms, as an early warning. One in eight American women will get breast cancer, but it's a disease that's treatable. Here are some thoughts from our Monday Answer Desk call-in:

No money, no time are not excuses for not getting a mammogram.
>The Onondaga County Health Department (and all County Health Depts. in NY State) have a Cancer Services Program that will pay for mammograms for women who are uninsured or have other obstacles to testing. Emily Young says the program will also schedule at a convenient time. AND if tests come back positive, another program will pay the treatment bills.
> Upstate Cancer Center also offers a breast screening patient navigator---support available at no cost, regardless of income or insurance status. This program will also help understand test guidelines, fears, and arrange childcare, transportation and more (315) 464-5267 or email

Information and support are available 24x7 from the American Cancer Society: 1-800-227-2345 or Jason Warchal says there are local and community resources as well.

Men don't have as many breast cancer cases as women, and there's not a push for regular testing. However, Upstate Cancer Center's Dr. Leslie Kohman says men can have a genetic susceptibility just like their sisters and other close women relatives. And if a man notices abnormalities in his breasts, he should contact his care provider for treatment.

Answer desk returns next Monday, and we'll answer your questions on Medicare signups, and new id cards on the way.

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