CNY 211 can help you with pressing questions

The Answer Desk, now on NBC3 & Facebook on Monday evenings, spotlighted the 211 CNY, another way to get answers on basic concerns.

We do the Answer Desk weekly, because we can help when you don't know where to turn for information in specific areas.

This Monday evening, we offered you another information source: 211 CNY

You can dial 211, or check its website, for references on the basics, including where to turn for help with food, housing, jobs and health care.

Anthony Steele, a call taker at 211 CNY, says the service is available 24x7, and while they cannot answer your questions, they can point you to the government or community help agency that can.

The Central NY call center, based at CONTACT in Syracuse, covers Onondaga, Oswego, Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties. People looking for help will get information specific to their area.

Information is available to anyone, including people concerned about a friend or relative's situation.

Steele says their motto is 'If your house is burning down, call 911. If you have a burning question, call 211."

The Answer Desk returns next Monday evening, and we'll answer your questions on Electronic security (computers, cell phones, etc) by phone and on Facebook.

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