How to get new or improved services for Seniors

Seniors, and the people involved with them--families, service providers, even neighbors--are invited to have a say on services needed for our aging population

Seniors are 20% of Onondaga County's population, and it's a growing segment. As the need for aging-related services expands, the county's Office for Aging is asking for input, on what's needed, what needs improvement, and what's working or not working.

Pete Headd, the Executive Director of the Office for Aging, says ideas can be offered 3 ways:
>A public hearing, Thursday October 18 at Bethany Baptist Church pm Beattie Street from 1 - 2:30pm
>You can review the plan here: or call and request a copy at (315) 435-2362
>You can make comments and/or suggestions by emailing (put PLAN 2019 in the subject line. Written comments must be received by Nov. 16

At Thursday's hearing, there will also be a presentation on Senior Scam Protection, and light refreshments will be served.

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