Nubz update, a happy Christmas story

This was Nubz on his adoption day, with his new dad---here's a look at the latest on the dog with no back legs....

We've been following Nubz, a puppy rescued after his mother chewed his back legs off. The Akita-Chow Chow mix was the only one in his litter to survive (Mom was probably stressed by her puppy mill surroundings)

Chow Chow Rescue, based in Brewerton, brought him to a new life: he was fostered by Carla Boyd in Philadelphia, where he had medical help, puppy socialization, and fittings for prosthetic devices, along with physical therapy, which he'll continue through his life.

Several people offered to adopt, and James Havlinek, from Salem, Oregon was picked. He drove cross country to make the adoption official, and Nubz has been part of his 'pack' ever since.

Nubz' story---that a dog with what looks like a handicap can live a 'normal' life---has struck a cord with his thousands of Facebook fans: 'Dad' posts pictures and updates regularly.

And this year, Nubz sent a Christmas ornament to his fans, sharing his good fortune with his Nubz Nation followers.

To see more, take a look at a story that we did earlier this year, on Nubz 'new life' one year anniversary:

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