Spring Dog Show starts at State Fairgrounds on Thursday

Fancy, showing at Westminster in NYC earlier this year (she was in the ribons!). This Mastiff will be at the Syracuse Dog Shows later this week.

The Salt City Cluster Spring Dog Show is actually 4 different shows, one a day. Each day's competition is sponsored by a different area kennel club, and each day they give ribbons to winners in breed judging, as well as in agility and obedience classes.

In the breed classes, dogs of the same breed compete against each other, and the winner goes on to Group competitions. The group winners compete for Best in Show. There are other ribbons awarded in several categories in the breed judging, including 'best of opposite; (second place, which is always the other sex from the winner), Select dog and Award of Merit, but only the breed winner advances in the day's competition.

Dog shows are good places for people considering getting a dog to talk to breeders and handlers to find out more about the characteristics of a particular breed. Colleen Rose, who's both a breeder and an exhibitor, joined us for Weekend Today in Central NY on Sunday. She will be showing a Mastiff, 'Fancy' who also joined us. The team won Best of Opposite earlier this year at the Westminster Kennel Club show in New York City.

Colleen told us about the Mastiff's history and some breed characteristics, and agrees that the best way to find out about a dog's personality (and compatibility with your family) is to talk to breeders, at places like dog shows.

The Syracuse Salt City Cluster runs Thursday - Sunday, judging about 9am - 6pm. Adults $5.00, Children 12 & under $2.00 (It's FREE on Thursday, which is also Puppy classes day.) All conformation (breed) classes and all groups will be held in the Dairy Cattle Barn. The Science & Industry Building will be the location for all obedience classes and rally classes.

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