YOU are invited to Skaneateles Lake boats' party

An open house is planned on the Judge Ben Wiles to celebrate Mid-Lakes Navigation's 50th anniversary. All are invited, next Saturday afternoon!

Mid-Lakes Navigation has been running boats on Skaneateles Lake for FIFTY years! To celebrate the anniversary, the family-run company is holding an open house on the Judge Ben Wiles, which will be tied up at its Clift Park Pier.

Sarah Wiles, part of the family that runs Mid-Lakes, says that since its start, the boats have held a federal contract to deliver mail to dozens of lakeside camps.
And, in addition to Skaneateles dinnerboat cruises, the company rents boats for canal cruising in Western NY.

The open house (or open boat!) is set for Saturday, June 2nd, 1 - 4pm. The Judge Ben Wiles will be docked at Clift Park, with lots of memorabilia on display and Dixieland Music. it's free. After, two cruises are planned. For more information, check the Mid-Lakes website.

Other 50th anniversary festivities are planned: Couples celebrating THEIR 50th anniversary on a dinner cruise this year are receive a free bottle of champagne.

Sarah Wiles says the company is family-run, and even workers who are not blood relatives are treated as family. There is a company reunion being planned for July, for past and present workers.

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