Armed Forces Day at the New York State Fair

Armed Forces Day at the New York State Fair

Amid crowds of people packed into the state fair, a special honor for those who have served.

Armed forces day: a chance for many to say "thanks," and some others to remember.

"I had a friend that was killed," Vietnam War Veteran Wilmer Atkinson said.

Atkinson remembers, there are times he wishes he didn't.

"When I got out of the service, I went to treatment because it was bringing a lot of memories. It still does, thunder and stuff. It wakes me up just like nothing," Atkinson said.

Atkinson served our country for 22 years. There's pain, but not regret.

"For my country, I would fight anytime," he said.

He sees reminders of why that's true each year he visits the fair.

"To be honored like this, I feel great. The first day if the fair, I came, and a kid thanked me for being a veteran," Atkinson said.

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