Hoffman runs for Congress as a Reagan conservative

    Doug Hoffman came to Canastota Tuesday morning to open his newest campaign office in the sprawling 23rd Congressional District. Hoffman is running on the Conservative Party ticket in a three-way race. He describes both of his opponents, Democrat Bill Owens and Republican Dede Scozzafava, as liberals. "We're fighting for the heart and soul of the true Republican Party." Hoffman told supporters at the office's opening.

    Hoffman is a 59-year-old business accountant who is making his first run for an elected public office. He says he believes the tax code is corrupt, deficits are wrong, abortion is wrong, opposes "Obama-care" and the public health care option and supports the war against terrorism. Hoffman describes himself as a Reagan conservative, "A Reagan conservative basically believes in less government, less spending and less taxes and basically the conservative values we all believe in, that government works for us and we don't work for the government" says Hoffman.

    According to a recent Siena College poll, Hoffman is running in third place with a respectable 23 percent of the vote. However, in Oneida, Madison and Oswego counties, he's actually leading with 34 percent. When asked if he could draw enough Republican votes from Scozzafava to hand the election to Democrat Bill Owens, Hoffman replied, "I see it the other way around. She's going to be drawing votes away from Owens, she's going to be splitting the Democratic vote and I'm going to get the Republican votes."

    Much of Hoffman's campaign has targeted Dede Scozzafava as being a liberal Republican on such issues as same sex marriage, abortion and labor issues. "If you're going to be running as a Republican you should be supporting the Republican values and ideals and if you're not going to support the Republican values and ideals, you should run in the other party." Hoffman told Action News.

    In a district that is traditionally Republican and conservative, Doug Hoffman says he has a good chance once people hear his message.

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