Watch: State of the Union 2012

    If you can't catch the State of the Union tonight on television, we'll be streaming it right here LIVE at 9:00pm.

    President Barack Obama is getting ready to deliver an election-year State of the Union address heavy on economic themes when he addresses a joint session of Congress and millions of television viewers.

    Obama's annual speech at 9 p.m. comes in the midst of an already heated re-election campaign as Republicans Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney fight for his job. Polls show Americans preoccupied with the economy and that's where Obama will focus when he takes the podium.

    Obama will make an argument tonight for economic fairness for the middle class and argue that he's the one to deliver it. He'll talk about manufacturing, education, clean energy and American value.

    Republicans are using Obama's State of the Union address as an opportunity to grab the offensive and blame him for the country's economic woes.

    As they awaited his election-year speech Tuesday night, Republicans in the Capitol and on the presidential campaign trail were blaming him for the weak economy and an 8.5 percent jobless rate that is too high.

    They said his answers are more of the same: higher taxes, more spending and bigger government.

    One of Obama's themes will be economic fairness, which will include protecting the middle class and making sure the wealthy pay a fair share of taxes.

    Those invited by the White House to attend tonight's State of the Union address include Warren Buffett's secretary and the wife of Apple's Steve Jobs. President Barack Obama has often cited billionaire Buffett's complaint that the tax code is unfair because he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary.

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