Why Do I Need a Full-Service Funeral Home?

Why Do I Need a Full Service Funeral Home.jpg

When you know what brand and model car you want, it's smart to shop dealerships to get the best deal. After all, the car is the same; the only difference is the cost.

This mindset doesn't work when selecting a professional service. Every hospital has its own specialties, each doctor and lawyer has different strengths, even cleaning services differ in quality and price.

The same applies to funeral services. It's very easy to get confused when selecting a funeral home. The service descriptions sound the same; caskets, urns and vaults look the same. Even the funeral facilities can appear similar. But all of these features can be misleading. In fact it can be very difficult for a consumer to see the difference! What makes it all the more confusing is when a low price service assures you they will give you the same attention as a full-service funeral home. What are you to believe?

The primary difference between funeral homes are not tangible items, but intangible service. Service can only be measured by the quality of the professional staff employed at a funeral home, and the number of staff people available to assist you and your family during the funeral process. Quality funeral homes invest in training in every area from how to answer the phone, their technical skills, and how to best communicate with family members at every stage of the funeral service.

Administrative services are an important part of quality funeral services:

Offering payment options including credit cards, insurance assignments, and accepting pre-need transfers.

Applying for and ascertaining death certificates

Providing printing services for memorials

Convenience is another important aspect of quality funeral service. The purpose of a visitation, funeral or memorial service is to allow family and friends the opportunity to share their support and grief. Quality funeral firms typically have multiple facilities, not just to be convenient, but to assure each family the level of privacy they deserve during visitations, viewings and funerals.

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