Toyota High School Athlete- Aidan McKenney helps new Southern Hills football bond

Toyota High School Athlete of the Week- Aidan McKenney

Picture for a moment, how competitive the Syracuse and Georgetown basketball rivalry and how that developed into a major college basketball rivalry.

Then imagine if suddenly those schools combined to form one basketball team.

Hard to see that working out, huh?

It's why you should give your utmost respect to the new "Southern Hills" football team in Section III. and how they're working together.

The team features a combination of players from Tully and the already joined LaFayette-Fabius Pompey team. Remember, LaFayette and Tully are bitter rivals and all three competed at a fever pitch in football, and still do in other sports.

Head Coach Brad Keysor points to some of his senior leaders, including running back Aidan McKenney as one of the reason the team chemistry hasn't suffered.

It's a role McKenney embraces.

"I bring a lot of encouragement for our teammates, I'm always bringing them up, I never yell at them whether it's practice or a game. The only thing I'll ever say to them is to stay positive" McKenney says.

Keysor jokes that when he coached just Tully last year the team was "terrified" of McKenney on film, as they faced his LaFayette-F-P team.

Now he has McKenney's skills on his side.

"He's been a pleasure to have this year, he's a great kid and good student" Keysor says.

"Opening week, our stats weren't great but he had a big kick return for a touchdown, he had about 100 yards rushing, he's just a very explosive player and a great human being. It's fun to coach those kind of student athletes" he adds.

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