Toyota High School Athlete- Baldwinsville's Gabby Piontkowski

Gabby Piontkowski is our Toyota High School Athlete of the Week

In just a few moments of hearing Gabby Piontkowski speak, you understand why she's been on varsity since 9th grade and why Baldwinsville is a perennial power in Central New York.

Piontkowski is a senior defensive star for the Bees soccer team, helping the Bees to an 11-2 mark so far in 2017.

Truly, her mark is felt on the field on any given night, but her impact will absolutely last forever in the minds of her teammates.

"Honestly, they're everything to me, they're like a family" Gabby told us while smiling and looking back at her fellow Bees.

"I don't know what I'm going to do after, I mean we always joke about that we're sisters. It's going to be hard to leave them" she adds.

The Bees own a 4-1 record in league play as of this article, with an upcoming matchup against West Genesee.

Baldwinsville has a rich tradition with past Section III titles in both boys and girls soccer, with that the community throws its support behind the teams.

That's no different with this year's edition of the Bees.

"This whole community they push us, they push us to be better" Piontkowski says.

"Every day in the hallway (at school) if we have a game everyone is supportive, we support each other and the community's nice about it. (They're) always there for us no matter what" she adds.

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