Toyota High School Athlete: Cooperstown's Tyler Bertram leads Hawkeyes to top seed

Every high school athlete has an idol.

"Growing up? My dad," Tyler Bertram answered when asked about his idol.

Tyler Bertram's dad just so happens to be his high school basketball coach.

"He's a very unselfish player," Tyler's father, David Bertram, said. "Even though he's getting 30 points per game, he passes the ball really well. He'll give it up in a second to somebody else."

30 points and eight assists per game, to be exact. David Bertram played at Niagara University, offering his expertise on his very own rising star.

"He played Division-I basketball and from the stories I've heard, he was awesome. I just want to be able to fill his shoes," Tyler said.

"You don't really have a chance to step back during the game because you're coaching the game and you're not really stepping back and looking at it from a parent's view," David explained. "Everybody asks me about it and it's kind of like you miss it."

If you're a baseball fan then you probably recognize the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York. But what if you're actually from Cooperstown.? Do you think the locals drop by the museum all that often? Well, Tyler Bertram is from Cooperstown, and well, let's just say, baseball was never really his sport.

"I get that a lot, too," Tyler Bertram proclaimed. "When I go to basketball camps, they ask where I'm from. I say Cooperstown, and they ask why I don't play baseball. I say no, I play tennis during the spring."

Tyler has never even been to a baseball induction ceremony, mainly because he's focused on another thing.

"We're showing people that it's also a basketball town, too. It's not just known for baseball," Tyler Bertram concluded.

Cooperstown is the top overall seed in Class C, and will meet No. 3 Tully in the Sectional Championship on Sunday, 12:45 p.m., from Allyn Hall Gymnasium at Onondaga Community College.

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