Toyota High School Athlete of the Week- Abby Wilkinson helps Bishop Grimes win

Bishop Grimes senior point guard Abby Wilkinson is a force on the floor, averaging 26 points per game (Niko Tamurian)

Within minutes of watching Abby Wilkinson play basketball it's clear, she's one of the most talented people on the court.

Regardless of the matchup facing her Bishop Grimes Cobras.

Her electric moves almost remind observers of Syracuse's Tiana Mangakahia and her leadership backs up her confident play.

Proof of that, Wilkinson averages 26 points per game early this season, including 32 points on the road at Indian River.

Bishop Grimes Coach John Cifonelli agrees with the assertion that she's an extension of him and his coaching mind out there on the court in live action.

Upon hearing that, Wilkinson couldn't help but smile and let out a laughter of joy.

Abby recalls that earlier in her four year Cobras playing career she approached Cifonelli with the goal of being "one mind" with him. She wanted to call plays that he wanted before he could even verbalize those ideas.

Needless to say, it's a coup for the Cobras to have Abby as their floor general.

While she's a senior, overall the Cobras are a young team which makes Abby's leadership even more important.

The underclassmen have big shoes to fill, make no mistake, but following Abby's lead? That will certainly set up the future of Grimes hoops very well.

Let's not get too far ahead of things though, Wilkinson says she wants to lead this team to a Section III and New York State title.

Young team or not, with Wilkinson calling the shots, it'd be foolish to count the Cobras out of any game.

Congratulations to Abby Wilkinson, this week's Toyota High School Athlete of the Week!

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