Toyota High School Athlete of the Week- Central Square's Jamie Battaglia

Jamie Battaglia has nine touchdowns so far this season for Central Square (Niko Tamurian)

The Central Square Redhawks are enjoying a resurgence in 2017 with a sensational 4-0 start in their first season returning to Class AA from Class A.

You wouldn't be able to tell they jumped up to the toughest division in town.

One reason why, is the bruising back Jamie Battaglia.

Battaglia is a senior with nine touchdowns so far in those four games.

In a lot of ways, Battaglia himself embodies the Redhawk resurgence.

Hard work in the weightroom is leading to fantastic results.

"I've known Jamie since he was in 6th grade" says Head Coach Matt DiCarlo

"Watching the growth...he's a product of what hard work can get you. Between him, and another young man who graduated last year they really kind of set the bar for what the expectation is for guys in the weight room and what you can accomplish" DiCarlo adds.

The Redhawks barrel into a Class AA showdown with defending champion CBA on Friday night.

Rest assured, they'll need Battaglia's leadership every step of the way.

"This team, it's bonded really well in the past last year to now. From all the off-season work, I've noticed a tremendous growth in the team" Battaglia says.

"In game-time situations we don't break down, we don't get after each other. We just pick our heads up after a bad play and move on and I feel like that's helped us a lot" he adds.

Kickoff with CBA and Central Square is set for 6:30 Friday night, all part of CBA's homecoming night.

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