Toyota High School Athlete Of The Week: LaFayette Volleyball Powered By Senior Trio

The senior trio of Sophia Powless [left], Rhiannon Abrams [middle] and Logan Booth [right] lead a LaFayette girls volleyball squad poised to win a third straight Class D Sectional crown.

The LaFayette girls volleyball team has experienced incredible success in recent memory.

The program has won the Class D Sectional Championship each of the last two years, and this week's Toyota High School Athlete of the Week features three seniors that have continued to lead the Lancers by example.

Sophia Powless, Logan Booth and Rhiannon Abrams has extremely close off the court, but even closer on it. Through Thursday, September 15, LaFayette is 2-2 overall on the season. Powless is considered a middle hitter, while Booth is labeled as an outside hitter and Abrams a setter.

The Lancers came back from a 2-sets-to-1 disadvantage against Solvay earlier in the week.

Powless is interested in playing volleyball at the Division-II level next year, while Booth and Abrams admit they have got their sights set on Syracuse University for academics.

"I am a huge positive person," Powless explained. "I solely focus on having high energy and really big positive energy on the court. I just want to give that to my teammates. Whenever I get a kill, I just get so happy and it's just amazing. It's just a great feeling to have on the court."

"It means everything," Booth said. "We've been playing since Community Counsel, which is sixth grade, so I've grown up with them. So we just have a really good groove, you know? We just know where the ball is going to be. We have such good communication -- I just love that on our team."

"Just keeping our energy like we did tonight, like, we realize that our energy is the most important thing, along with momentum," Abrams shared. "If we keep going like this all through the season then we should be there. Hopefully we will. That's what me senior year is about. I want to get there!"

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