Toyota High School Athlete of the Week- Madeline Ferris making family proud

Madeline Ferris (center, #9) celebrates her 1,000th assist with her father and assistant coach Michael (far left) mother and head coach Patricia, and her sister and teammate Sophia (far right) Photo Courtesy: Ferris Family

So many teams at all levels of sport use the term "family" describe their squad and sometimes the meaning can be lost.

Assuredly, the Ferris family is restoring the value in that motto with Jamesville-DeWitt Volleyball.

Our Toyota High School Athlete of the Week is Madeline Ferris, just last week she earned a special milestone with her 1,000th career assist.

"It was really cool the next day how all my teachers and whole school knew about it and were congratulating me" says Ferris.

Madeline is the definition of a team player, talented but in a most unselfish fashion. She's switched positions out of her normal routine to help the team win.

For Madeline though, "team" truly does mean "family".

For starters, her mother Patricia is the Red Rams head coach, helping the team to another league championship.

The team's assistant coach? You guessed it. Madeline's father Michael serves as the varsity assistant coach and head coach for junior varsity.

Oh, and speaking of junior varsity, one of the stars of that team is Sophia Ferris. That would be Madeline's sister and the newest member of the varsity team thanks to a playoff call-up.

“I’m very aware of how unique that is" Madeline tells me.

"For some it might be weird but honestly I like it. I really like having my family here because we’re very close and I really like having my sister on my team now.”

Consider her parents watching their children grow and be on the same team together. When that 1,000 assist milestone hit it was a wide range of emotion for Patricia.

"It was extra special, she started with me and it’s a tough thing, at times people think well you’re the coach’s kid maybe she’s not as good as she needs to be. Those are the milestones that she hits that proves she stands on her own on the court."

"As a coach it was exciting, as a mom it was awesome" she adds.

Now the Red Rams gear up for the Section III playoffs, it's fitting that the team motto is family.

Because that's literally how the team is run, thanks to the Ferris family.

"Even though we just lost to Oswego who is probably a team we could play for the Sectional Championship I think we know never to give up and go into it giving our hardest" Madeline says.

"Our theme this year was family, they certainly play as a family and they just constantly keep improving together" Coach Ferris says.

Congratulations to Madeline Ferris on a special milestone and for earning our Toyota High School Athlete of the Week honor.

But don't be surprised if Sophia Ferris is one day considered for this award.

"It really inspires me to do more and try to be like her and break records like she has" says Sophia.

Given what Madeline has done, with several games potentially still to go, we won't rule out anything.

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