Toyota High School Athlete- Peter Bowman sets West Genesee Diving Record

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With one dive, Peter Bowman made West Genesee history.

Bowman's dive of 318.3 was the best ever at the pool and could be just the beginning.

"In warmups before the meet, I was practicing a dive which is my last dive of the meet, and I was working on it for 45 minutes straight and I could barely get it… [On my last dive] I got up there, I did it and put in for like sevens…I got like 318 beat the record by 16 points. My whole team stormed over here by the board, it was just surreal" Peter says of the big record-setting dive.

Believe it or not, Bowman wasn't always an ace diver, even struggling early this season. He's always improving.

"Seventh and eighth grade I wasn’t good at all…my coach used to not let me dive at away meets because of how scared he was that I was going to hit the board or something like that. So, it has been a journey" Bowman says.

"At the beginning of the season, it didn’t start the way I thought it would. Actually, the first meet I failed a dive because I’d just learned it. But, it’s always been a comeback effort. That meet I came back [and] still won the meet. It was my first meet and I still prevailed" he adds.

His love of the sport actually grows from love of his family, which is just as admirable as his incredible talent in the pool.

"I started in seventh and I wanted to swim originally because all my friends were swimming. But, my mom didn’t want me to out shine my brother who has down-syndrome. So, my mom wanted me to get into diving so I wouldn’t show him up" Bowman cites as the reason he became involved in the sport.

Congratulations to Peter Bowman, our Toyota High School Athlete of the Week.

I think a lot of Wildcat Nation is happy with that decision today.


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