Ambitious plan made lakeview concert happen: Matt's Memo

Miranda Lambert coming to Syracuse.

There is a sense of disbelief that the Onondaga Lake west shore amphitheatre will be ready for the public to enjoy a major concert in just one month. But, it is going to happen. County Executive Joanie Mahoney breathed a sigh of relief shortly before announcing the booking of country superstar Miranda Lambert for the September 3rd show.

There is nothing more powerful than a hard deadline for getting action. Think about your own life. At work - a project gets assigned with an abstract time period for completion. Little gets accomplished until someone finally says it is due one week from today.

Credit goes to the County Executive who packaged the state funds from the governor, lobbied for design/build approval from the state legislature and stayed on her contractors to make sure deadlines were met. Along the way there was a rapid environmental study and creation of a architectural concept that would capture the imagination of music fans walking through the gate.

It would have been less pressure for Onondaga County to stretch out deliberations over how to build. It would have been easier to say the first concert will take the stage next May. Even as the deadline to book an artist neared who would have minded if Mahoney's team would have said, "wait 'til next year."

Any of those choices may have ended the project. The Lakeview Amphitheatre would have been added to the pile of dreamy ideas that never got done. Instead, the community is on the verge of owning an asset that is likely to become a point of pride in the years to come.

Whether you wanted Kenny Chesney or Bruce Springsteen or Carrie Underwood to be the first performer most music fans would concede Miranda Lambert is a high level choice. She is a major league draw.

There is construction to be completed, traffic patterns to be considered and tickets to be sold. But picture this, you place your blanket down on your lawn seat spot. You're overlooking the sun setting over a beautiful lake. Miranda Lambert takes the mic and shouts, "Hello, Syracuse!" The music pushes out and up the newly shaped hill. This promises to be a transformative night where Onondaga County becomes a summertime draw.

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