As the semester ends, Tyler Ennis says goodbye to Syracuse and hello to the NBA

When I sat down with Tyler Ennis in January he said he hoped to "be in a position where I could look back and smile" by the end of the season. Safe to say he's done that.

From August to March.

7 months.

That's all it took for Tyler Ennis to create a lifetime's worth of memories in a Syracuse Orange Uniform.

Although, you could argue that his legacy was cemented much sooner than that.

Ennis delivered the Orange to so many victories and did so in dramatic fashion with buzzer beating finishes.

As such, his stock soared. He went from a 4-year point guard potentially in August to a sure-fire top-20 pick in the NBA Draft by the time the season ended in March.

Ennis is still in Syracuse as I write this. He's finishing up his second and final semester, for now anyway, at Syracuse University.

His final days on the SU hill are bittersweet. Sure, his NBA dreams lie ahead, but it is the end of an a era. A brief, but incredible era in his life.

"It's probably one of the last times we're all going to be together on the Syracuse campus and you know the last time we're going to be able to celebrate the season and you know, it's going to kind of close out our season. We had a blast playing with each other. I think the brotherhood that we have with each other will last forever" Ennis says.

Another thing that will last forever? The impact of Syracuse fans on Ennis. He says their support through the tough ending to the season and his decision to go pro made a lasting impact.

"They stuck with us through the last couple months which were kind of tough and the season didn't end how anyone wanted it to but I think the support I got with my decision to leave is unmatched and you know I just thank them and I'll be a part of this program forever" Ennis adds.

The NBA Draft is on June 26th in New York City. Ennis is, as mentioned, expected to be in or close to a lottery pick.

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