Boeheim's Army pride extends throughout Orange Basketball family

Boeheim's Army, a group of former Syracuse University men's basketball players, fell in the Final 4 of The Basketball Tournament

So often, you hear a current or past Syracuse Basketball player or coach refer to "family" when describing the program.

That statement proven, if it wasn't already, by the wild run from Boeheim's Army.

The team full of former Syracuse Basketball stars fell in the semifinals of "The Basketball Tournament" Tuesday night to the two-time defending champion Overseas Elite 81-77.

Less than 12 hours after the loss, we spoke with Orange Associate Head Coach and our Orange Zone co-host Adrian Autry.

"It was one of the more exciting things to watch this summer and it’s always good to watch our former guys kind of come together and put the orange uniform on even though it doesn’t have the “S” in front but its cool to get those guys and see those guys play I thought they did a tremendous job very proud of those guys" Autry said.

Perhaps the moment everyone will remember, was the team erasing a 25-point deficit to beat Team FOE in the "Elite 8" of the tournament to punch their ticket to the Final Four.

"I mean it was exciting, the game to get to the final four was unbelievable one of the great comebacks in a game that I’ve seen in a game in a long time so it was just exciting. A great event, the guys played well I wish they could have gone to the next game and won it all but they did an unbelievable job and it was entertaining and I loved watching it" Autry adds.

It is the furthest Boeheim's Army has ever advanced in its three years playing in this tournament.

Truly it was a perfect blend of Orange fans rooting on their former stars who admittedly still "bleed Orange", and the timing, a summer tournament in an otherwise basketball desert.

If you are looking for your next SU hoops fix, the Orange opens the season in more than 3 months, November 10th against Cornell.

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