ESPN Analyst says Frank Howard tried to trip Zion Williamson, but was it intentional?

Frank Howard (file photo)

As the Syracuse and Duke ACC Quarterfinal game rolled on, a storyline developed out of a play that in the moment had very little fanfare.

Did Frank Howard TRY to trip Zion Williamson?

It's clear the two get tangled up in a minor fashion, Williamson's stride is only slightly altered.

For his part, Frank Howard appears to extend his hand in apology. Lending to the notion that it may be possible in a physical game with ten superb athletes on the floor, that two people just happened to be tangled up.

The second angle in the SportsCenter tweet clearly shows that.

So, you may ask, why was a trip with an apology all the rage on social media Thursday night?

There is the notion that it could have been intentional, a view that was emotionally shared by former Duke star and current ESPN analyst Jay Williams.

Williams was outspoken immediately and adamantly about the trip, saying it was an intentional "swipe" at Williamson.

Despite the passionate video from Williams, The Twitter handle Freezing Cold Takes exposed a possible hypocritical take from Williams who defended former Duke star Grayson Allen for tripping players just two years ago (at the 26 second mark is the defense of Allen's reputation for trips)

Orange star Oshae Brissett saw this tweet as well:

As of this writing, Williams did not reply to fans about the apparent contradiction.

The subject was brought up in the Orange post game press conference. In fact, the final words from Jim Boeheim regarding the matter were blunt "It's a joke."

“I was shown the video on the way out here. If you’re trying to say I tripped him...I realized I tripped him and I held out my hand but I was in the heat of battle" said Frank Howard

"I’m not going to wait four years to get to this stage and try to trip somebody" he added.

Added Boeheim "“There was no trip involved out there. I don't know who was talking about that but it was bunk. Trying to manufacture something out of nothing."

Below is the clip from the Syracuse post game press conference, Howard's response to a question about the incident is at the 9:36 mark.

Syracuse awaits its NCAA Tournament fate Sunday night at 6:00 p.m. during the Selection Special on CBS5.

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