Floyd Little remembers "Coach Mac"

Floyd Little reflects on the legacy of Coach Dick MacPherson

All week, stories and memories have poured in about the late, great Coach Dick MacPherson who passed away on Tuesday.

As family and friends poured into Hendricks Chapel for funeral services on Friday those stories continued in earnest.

Including with 3-time All-American and Pro Football Hall of Famer Floyd Little.

Little remembers their time together with the newly formed Denver Broncos.

(Mac (took the job in) Denver when he became the coach and I was the first first round draft pick ever to sign with for Broncos and Mac said I saved his job and I saved the franchise so the name that he named me was the “Franchise” so a lot of people ask me to sign not Floyd Little but the “Franchise” so Mac gave me that name years and years ago every time I would think about Mac" Little told reporters before Friday's funeral.

That time may be 50 years ago, but it forged a relationship that will live on forever.

"I would think about the times that he would pass my office he’d say, “thanks for saving our jobs” that’s how I remember him thanks for saving our jobs Floyd he wouldn’t say hello or anything he’d just say “ Floyd thanks for saving our jobs” and keep walking so I miss that I miss his heart I miss his spirit"

So many in Central New York will.

Syracuse Athletics Director John Wildhack recalls a story of his own, while working for ESPN, that MacPherson made him part of a post game celebration after a road win at Penn State.

"That was Mac being Mac" he said.

So many this week saying Coach Mac made everyone feel like "the most important person in the world", even in his passing, the way he made everyone he met feel will continue to live on.

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