Opinion: Friday the 13th- The turning point of Syracuse Football

Syracuse Football players and fans celebrate after the Orange's win over Clemson (Justin Page)

If they said they thought Syracuse Football would be Clemson they might be lying.

Unless you're our own Justin Page:

Indeed Syracuse Football pulled off something that is simply amazing.

They beat Clemson.

Syracuse. Beat. #2. Clemson.

Even the most optimistic Orange fan, when mapping the road to a bowl game probably left Clemson off the path.

Now, a bowl game seems likely.

Now, a turnaround is here.

Every so often Syracuse Football scores a fantastic win that marks that a new era of success is almost here.

Of course, a win over #1 Nebraska was the first true sign that the late Coach Dick MacPherson in 1984.

Doug Marrone proved that his team would find bowl success with a 2010 road upset of #19 West Virginia.

Dino Babers already has a win over #17 Virginia Tech under his belt, but this one? That's a downright exclamation point of what's to come.

Syracuse is just two wins away from its first bowl game since 2013 and it certainly feels like this is the beginning of the next era of Orange greatness.

For now, it's the next awesome speech from Coach Babers.

Syracuse Football has turned a corner in game seven of year two. Just a hair outside Coach Babers' window of games 4-6.

But who's counting? Not Syracuse fans. This is the win those faithful fans have been waiting so long for.

This is the win that sets up many more.

This is the win that officially launches the Dino Babers era, with bowl games and all the things long-time fans know Syracuse regularly captures.

Syracuse just beat #2 Clemson, with a sterling performance from Eric Dungey. A frightening performance from that Syracuse defense.

The scariest part? Syracuse left points out there.

This weekend, Syracuse coaches will continue to build on the impressive recruits they already have committed in an effort to keep the ball rolling.

Nobody knows for sure what's in the future, but it's very possible that Orange fans look at this win in two weeks, two months, two years and who knows maybe even two decades and say:

That Friday the 13th was the night Syracuse Football came back to life.

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